For more than 40 years, Domenic has served as Director of Operations and as Director of Business Development at one of the most creative and collaborative organizations in the New York and Connecticut areas, Ultimate Services Professional Grounds Management Inc.

He is what people call, a perpetual student. An alumnus from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Computer Science and the University of Florence, Italy with a BA in Italian. and then at a ripe young age of 53 returning to the halls of higher learning of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Master Degree in Administrative Services.

In between, there were courses that honed his skills: Dale Carnegie Management and Sales, Michael Gerber ‘The E-Myth’ a 4 year vocational masters in business development, David Allen ‘Getting Things Done’, and countless industry consultants and pooh-bas.

In the last 4 years, he has put his knowledge, his experiences, and the keys to success together in a step-by-step workshop and coaching model. He has taken the consultant model and turned it on its head. Putting cost effective and result oriented workshops and coaching courses into the hands of the 89.5% of the industry that are under $1 Million in Sales. He is passionate about helping the many organizations experience the same growth and the same success that he has, and when / how he needed it.

Community and Family

My wife and I are proud of our triplet girls. Our top priority is and always have been these three smart and beautiful young ladies.

Traveling, learning, eating, and living life to the fullest is how we live………



Treasurer, Board of Directors

I am very excited to be elected to the new Board of Directors and the Education Chairperson for the 2015-2016 term. This is one of the most progressive professional development association for the Green Industry.

One of our prime goals will be to create and continue to create cost effective and result oriented leadership training and business educational programs.

One of our first business development programs will be the collaboration of 7 of 7 BEST Education Programs and NHLA Latino Link programs with intensive workshops throughout North America that help landscapers and snow contractors develop and grow their profits.


Advisor, Naugatuck Valley Community College

When President Daisy Cocco De Filippis asked me to consider taking over this position from my dad, Colonel John G. Chiarella, Sr., I was elated. He held this position over 40 years. I wish to do a tenth of what he accomplished from the days of Waterbury State Technical to one of the top Connecticut Community Colleges, NVCC.

One project that is in its infancy, is a program to help business owners become more profitable and more growth minded.   Helping our community businesses will help our students get more opportunities for employment. Bringing businesses and students together will create infinite synergy and a business consortium environment. This project is lead by Laurie L. Hornbecker, Director, Community and Economic Development, NVCC.

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