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Let’s be honest. Running and growing a business is hard work. You start out doing something you love. You’re good at it. You get more clients than you can service yourself. You take people on. You make more money. You take more people on. All of the sudden you don’t make as much more money as you should be making and now you’re working longer hours than you wanted to and you’re stressed a lot of the time. You want to grow your business bigger – or at least earn more money. But you’re working every hour and you don’t know where you’ll find the time, or the energy, to do more than you are.

If you’re serious about making more money – by growing your profit, your sales or both – you need a new way, a new approach.

Lawn and snow industry titan, Domenic A Chiarella, has a proven 8 step process to help you double (or even triple) your profit, increase your sales and finally allow you to take time off, because your company can take care of itself for fixed periods of time.


Do You Feel Too Busy and Overwhelmed to

Focus on What Matters Most?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities? Are you struggling to keep up with all the work demands just to keep things as they are? Are your dreams for your business remaining just that, because you’re just too busy?

It’s incredibly hard to build and grow a business. Especially when you don’t have a roadmap. You’re doing the very best you can and you’re trying to juggle keeping your current clients happy, managing your team and growing your sales. While also finding time for the things that matter most:  

Giving your clients excellent service. Being a great boss. Having enough money to make it all worth it. Getting home in time to see your family.

Having time to think, plan your next steps and take strategic action just feels like a pipe dream.

Work quickly becomes an ongoing competition for your time and attention – one you rarely win. You’re just left feeling exhausted and drained. There are too many things to do, not enough hours and mostly you don’t know where to start to change things.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Good news! Being Too Busy Doesn’t Have to Stop You from Making More Profit, Having More Sales and Owning a Company That Allows You to Take Time Off

My name is Domenic A Chiarella and if you’re in  lawn maintenance, landscaping, or any of the other green industries,  I can help.

As the former Co-Owner of Ultimate Services Professional Grounds Management, a $15 million per year landscaping organization, I learned a thing or two about running a successful lawn and snow business and growing it from a small acorn into a cutting edge landscaping company.

While working hands-on in that business, I managed to develop the keys to business success.  Taking our $400K partnership, working 24/7, to $750K took 10 hard years.  But as I started to understand the need for, and discover the keys – the secrets – to a successful company, the next ten years, growing from $750K to $15million were significantly easier. Plus I grew our profit from around 12% in many cases, to a healthy 25% across the business – that’s 20x the sales and 2x the profits.

You don’t need a degree in math to work out what a happy guy I was with those results

Plus, I have a great family life and plenty of time to enjoy my three beautiful daughters – I was not going to trade money and the business for them. My family was alway first!

As you can see, life has been busy. Yet I have consistently grown my businesses and met and achieved strategic goals and objectives. I don’t say this to brag, but to demonstrate that this can be done and you don’t have to put yourself in the hospital to do it


I am often asked, “How did you do it?”

Well, for one thing, it certainly didn’t just happen. It took years of trial and error to perfect the systems and processes to grow my business, and to create the keys and build the roadmap my private clients could follow to replicate my success

Let me ask you this: Would you be willing to invest a few hours a week in order to set your business up for growth and increased success?

The time it takes to follow and implement my roadmap is easily the most profitable and rewarding investment I ever made

The roadmap serves as a guiding light, and it kept me focused, productive and able to make strategic decisions on how best to invest my time to grow my business

People always ask, “How is your roadmap different from consultancy?” I’ll explain more about that in a minute. When you consider hiring a consultant, it’s easy to see why you don’t, or it doesn’t reap the same success. Here’s why:



Discover My Proven Formula For Creating More Profit, More Sales and More Time

As indicated, this process is designed to be delivered in bite size chunks over the coming months

It is not an easy bullet, but working together a few focused hours a week, will make this year your best in business to date

This virtual course (ie we work together over the phone and the internet, from wherever you happen to be at the time) guides you through my proven roadmap. I’ll help you create a plan for your business and give you the systems and processes you need to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Most importantly, I’ll help you implement these systems and support you to achieve your goals.

Each week you’ll be provided a short consultancy session and a series of documents, forms and templates, which enable you to apply it to your business and walk away with a precise plan for implementing the steps you need take to achieve the results you deserve. Collectively it will provide you with the exact system you need to move your business to any level of profit or sales you want to realise moving forward

The most efficient way to take your business to the next level

You don’t want to wait to experience increased profit or to achieve more sales, or waste time in a cumbersome process. That’s why I created a super-efficient, highly-concentrated course for busy high achieving landscapers like you. In fact there has never been a more time-efficient way to grow your business than this. I know that if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate being able to fit this in with your already busy schedule

If you are serious about taking your business from where it is, to where you want it to be in the shortest amount of time possible, I built this course with you in mind

Never before have you been able to make such a small investment with your time and get such a large return. Now there really is no excuse not to make more money this year

After going through this process you’ll have the roadmap, the tools, the systems, the processes and the templates to get more done and experience greater success this year than ever before

By the end of three months, your business will already be on track to achieve greater profit than ever before. You’ll know where your biggest business obstacles are. And you’ll have a plan to push through and experience the success that may have been eluding you of late

Best of all, you get me in your corner to give you additional support and mentoring to help you push through those difficult change points, that have kept you stuck doing things the same way in the past


Coming soon: Millionaire Mastery Courses

Snow Millionaire Mastery Program

Fall 2017

Lawn Millionaire Mastery Program

Spring 2018

The Time to Start Growing Your Business to Achieve Greater Profit, More Sales and Allow You To Take Fixed Periods of Time Out of Your Business is Now!

Ask yourself this: What would you like to achieve in the coming months that’s already been put back – or put off?

You have the opportunity right now –TODAY- to take the single most important step toward achieving the business success you want during 2015. NOW is the time to make this THE YEAR you grow your wealth

By going through this process you can have a clear plan, action steps, processes, systems and templates to grow your business this year. Imagine how that would feel

Imagine going to work Monday morning, knowing exactly what your priorities are, exactly what you need to accomplish during the day to make progress towards profits

Imagine how easy it would be to make business decisions if you had the roadmap meaning you almost couldn’t fail

Imagine how you would feel if you doubled (or trebled) your profits during this coming year and had all that additional money within your business (or in your own bank account)

Imagine how happy your employees will be to see the company grow and prosper and know they have increasing options to grow their careers with you

Imagine how happy your clients will be when your customer service and production improves and becomes even better – giving them the best level of service they’ve ever received

Imagine how easy it will be to plan taking time off, when your business has systems and processes that allow your employees to run your business like a well-oiled-machine in your absence

Imagine how happy your family and loved ones will be when you have more free time and less stress, enabling you to enjoy quality time with them

Imagine how great it would feel to have achieved all your business goals for the year, and know you have the exact tools and the roadmap to make next years goals happen too

All of this is within your reach! You just have to take the first step and get on board

Register for the 3 month VIP coaching and mentoring course and join us today. I look forward to working with you to grow your business

Be great!


Got More Questions?

Maybe These Frequently Asked Questions Can Help!

Will I receive anything in the mail?

No – that is the beauty of this course. You don’t have to stand anxiously by the door, waiting for the postie to bring something to you to get started. Everything is delivered electronically, so you will get emails and access to a private area of my website specially reserved for course attendees

What happens after I purchase Lawn Millionaire Mastery?

Within minutes of submitting your application you will receive an email confirmation. It will include a link to my diary, so we can set up our first call and your account information and login details to access your course information. Once you login, you will see all the welcome and introductory information within your private area. The rest will become available to you as we go through the work together

Will you make any exceptions to the Early Bird deadline?

No, sorry. Just like any other offer you see – in a store, at the mall, online, there is a clearly stated end date to the Early Bird deadline, and the discount is reserved purely for the Early Birds

What if this product doesn’t meet my needs?

No problem. We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you buy Lawn Millionaire Mastery today and don’t agree it will enable you to increase your profits, or your sales, or create a business that will allow you to take fixed amounts of time off, we will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle

Are my credit card/debit card details secure?

Yes. We use internationally recognised payment companies like PayPal, who have all the latest internet security and payment protection processes in place. There is no safer way to make remote payments we know of. If you’d prefer you can make a direct payment into our bank account. Please email for full details

Can I get access to the course all at once or only in pieces?

We release the course in sections (as modules) deliberately. It allows us to keep focus on the area we’re working on, it allows me to best support you through each module and it stops you becoming totally overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work we’re going to cover. When we step through it week-by-week, call-by-call, you’ll be amazed how easy it seems. But if you saw it all at advance it would be like gazing up at Everest from Base Camp. Daunting!

Can I purchase multiple courses for my management team?

If you would like your management team to take this course with you, you can purchase additional licences for just $1997. They receive their own access to the private area of the website, all of the course materials and the training. Depending how many managers you have (3+), Domenic will provide you private group mentoring, just for you and your team


How long will I have access to the information after the course has finished?

The information is yours and your private area to the website is unlimited. You will only be able to access mentoring with Domenic for the duration of Lawn Millionaire Mastery 2015, but your access to the materials (even the updated files, which will of course happen year on year) is lifelong


What if I have a question in between classes or need support?

The beauty of this course is that support is always available for you. Domenic or one of his team are on hand to answer your questions at any time and there are extra segments of support you can access with Domenic at the times you need them the most. Just email us with what you need to and we will be sure to help you

Make 2017 Your Best Business Year Ever!

Doors opening soon!

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