Millionaire Mastery Intensives

Millionaire Mastery Intensives

I will join you for 3 days to discover, learn, master, and implement the exact steps to building your landscape and snow company.

 One of the best step-by-step system you will learn to build and implement immediately and long-term into your business.

 This program is only for business owners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries charged with building something unbelievable.

Workshop Overview


Develop your business around your
life. Create what your company will
look like 3 years from today!

Become position focused.
Create your team.
Develop your team.

Support Systems
Understand how to connect your
departments. Create Client Profiles
to service the client period.

Sales Systems
Become client focused.
Track all Sales to contract.
Develop consistent estimating work flows.

Production Systems
Create Effective Scheduling.
Understand your capacities to better scheduling. Work Order Management.

Accounting Flows
Have Effective Work Order to Invoice Management. Know how to Vendor Manage.
Seamless Payroll Flows.

Human Resources
Hire systems to get the right
people for right position.
Develop your team.

Project Management
Know what you will implement.
Bring your team together and
implement your dream.

Learn from Expert Guest Speakers.
Incredible discounted coaching.
Continuing mentoring.

About The Instructor Domenic A Chiarella

Hi, I am the Founder of the Millionaire Mastery Workshop, Lawn and Snow Intensive Online Coaching, Speaker, and most importantly Father of Triplet Daughters.

I am passionate about taking everything I know from building a top 3% landscape company and passionate about helping you build the business and life for the price of 2 days with a consultant.

Ready to build something unbelievable? We can help you create the company you have always dreamed of….